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The General Union is a legally registered labour/trade union, part of the Japanese labour union movement, and we are open to workers of any category or nationality. Since it was founded in 1991, our union has established a solid reputation for protecting its members' rights and improving their working conditions. We are workers like you who have joined together to protect our livelihoods and rights as workers. As a union, we are able to provide our members advice on workplace issues, and we actively help our members to organize and negotiate in their workplaces. read more about us ゼネラルユニオンは,日本語での労働相談も行っています.日本語ページはこちら

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General Union Gaba Branch appoints Sexual Harassment Officers

In response to a number of incidents where Gaba instructors had been sexually harassed by clients, the union decided to investigate the issue, and conducted a survey to gauge the prevalence.
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Annual General Meeting - Sunday, 20 April

All union members are invited to attend this year's Annual General Meeting on Sunday, 20 April from 3:30 to 6:30 at L-Osaka (5 minutes from Keihan/Tanimachi Temmabashi Station - see read more

関西外大の、「労働契約法への脱法策」は、「駆込み前倒し雇止め」。。 ゼネラルユニオンが、5年上限を突破し、全組合員の連続雇用実現

◎関西外国語大学。 ゼネラルユニオンの告発で社会保険と雇用保険加入。雇用上限撤廃が実現。

 枚方市にある関西外国語大学では、常勤の外国人招聘教員を、「1年更新契約、上限?5年」で雇用してきた。しかしこの非現実的な有期契約は、外大当局自らが多数【44例】違反し、5年後も「一旦帰国させて再雇用」などの乱脈かつ恣意的な運用が日常化していた。 more

ドタキャン閉講を規制。非常勤講師が休業手当【労基法26条】獲得。GU won the absence allowance for cancellation of part-time classes after the term started, for low enrollment


 非常勤講師の不安定雇用が問題になる中、ゼネラルユニオンは、「来年度契約変更の場合は、今年度の早い時期に、ゼネラルユニオン及び組合員講師と協議する」との事前協議制を、大阪工業大・聖母女学園などとルール化してきた。 more

Sexual harassment by students in eikaiwa - survey results - 23 Mar 2014 - english - Sexual Harassment

Did you hear about the student who spent the entire lesson with his fly undone, sharing his flowery purple underwear with the world? How about the one about the student who followed his instructor ho more

Fast-tracking unfair labor practice case against Minerva (BL Kids International School) - 17 Mar 2014 - english - Others

Standard - justice After an early morning secretariat meeting today, two union officers are busy preparing documentation to lodge an unfair labor practice case against Minerva Language Institute. We expect to be able t more

Harassing Gaba clients can be blocked - Here is how: - 21 Apr 2014 - english - Gaba

Many instructors are not aware that clients can be blocked, and think that they simply have to put up with bad treatment. This impression leads to problems, particularly in regards to sexual harassmen more

ゼネラルユニオンGaba支部、セクシュアルハラスメント委員を任命 - 20 Apr 2014 - bilingual - Others


 Gabaのインストラクターが顧客からセクハラを受ける事案が何件も発生していることを受けて、ユニオンはこの問題について調査することを決定、セクハラがどのくらい拡大しているかを把握するため、アンケートを行った。 more

Privacy protection for Gaba instructors – Protecting personal information - 28 Mar 2014 - english - Gaba

The union had received reports that some Gaba staff have not been following the company’s procedures and protecting instructors' information adequately.

When instructors are required to more

Gaba lesson record Mindflash training: "NOT mandatory" - 19 Mar 2014 - english - Gaba

In case instructors were wondering, despite the impression given by the latest MGI post on March 18th, the Mindflash training for the new lesson record system is not mandatory, and instructors cannot more

Teaching math at Coco Juku? - 5 Mar 2014 - english - Others

Standard - math Coco Juku is a new eikaiwa/English school chain that launched with a lot of fanfare in 2013. It is owned by Nichi Gakkan, that also happens to own Gaba.

It appears that Coco Juku is tr more

No pay increases at ECC – Yet! - 5 Mar 2014 - english - ECC

Standard - Yen Sign All instructors should be aware that ECC will be mailing out your new contracts shortly. Please note that you will not be advised of your hourly pay increase. Unlike other years, ECC has prolonged ne more

Berlitz members meet to plan bargaining strategy - 11 Feb 2014 - english - Berlitz

General Union members at Berlitz will meet this Sunday, 16 February to plan their third round of collective bargaining. Current demands include a 7% pay increase, pay for lock ups, union representatio more

- 31 Jan 2014 - english - Berlitz

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