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Are You Working Too Much?

Myth 1 Aeon would have you believe the reason you are feeling overworked is because you are either lazy or have never done an honest day’s work in your life. They will tell you that Japanese people generally work harder and never complain about it. That just isn’t true. The reason you feel overworked is because you are - new teachers especially. more

What we've won at AEON:

  • Unemployment Insurance for every AEON teacher. AEON was the last of the major eikaiwa chains to enrol their foreign teachers, but after a dismissal case handled by the GU, AEON was forced to obey the law.

  • Health and Pension Insurance (shakai hoken) and a pay rise to cover your costs.

  • Grievance Procedure. After having dealt with a few individual consultations with AEON teachers regarding unpaid wages and dismissals, AEON agreed to follow the same grievance procedure that the GU uses at all the big employers for problems.

What's next for AEON teachers and staff?

AEON teachers and staff have a lot of catching up to do.

AEON does not offer a paid holiday system that is inline with the law. All the big eikaiwas now follow the law and AEON has to fall in line. Here's what you should be getting.

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AEON - 150,000 reasons to be happy - 24 Jul 2008 - english - AEON

Back in June we reported on an AEON teacher who had received a small amount of overtime pay from the company once they knew the union was on to the case.
However, after the union completed a de more

イーオンの講師のみなさん、働き過ぎていませんか? - 1 Jul 2008 - japanese - AEON



講師が過労だと思うのは、実際、過 more

イーオン、社宅問題で退却 - 1 Jul 2008 - japanese - AEON


この問題に関するイーオンのポリシーは曖昧です。外国人講師向けポリシーマニュアルによると、「従業員は、従業員の決断により社宅を替わったこと more

AEON Leafletting Brings Results - 26 Jun 2008 - english - AEON

After just a few days of leafletting at AEON Nagoya training sessions, management is running scared.

Union member receives overtime pay

Before the union had more

AEON does about face over housing issue - 26 Jun 2008 - english - AEON

Ever wondered about leaving AEON housing? It isn't uncommon for teachers to be told this is impossible, that they must continue to pay rent until the end of their employment contract. This is untrue a more

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