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Minerva Language Institute Labour Commission Case Settled - 12 Aug 2014 - english - ALTs

On March 18, 2014, the union lodged an unfair labour practice case against Minerva Language Institute (Minerva) for failing to negotiate, at the Osaka Labour Relations Commission.

On Ju more

Being an ALT in Japan - The Video Handbook - 7 Nov 2012 - english - ALTs

Standard - Video The General Union is producing a video handbook for working in Japan as an ALT (Assistant Language Teacher). We'll be covering topics such as taxes, health insurance, housing, and workplace issues. Fe more

ALTs Open Meeting - October 21 - 14 Sep 2012 - english - ALTs

Standard - Important Date For the first time, we are opening our Osaka October General Meeting to non-members. We will be holding a series of seminars, or workshops, ab more

ALTs - The Health Check Survey - 24 Aug 2012 - english - ALTs

Health Check Some dispatch companies, but not all, provide annual health checks. Japan has one of the highest rates of tuberculous in the western world, and as a result, School Health & Safety Law mandates that te more

Fukuoka General Union: Seismic shift in Kitakyushu - 6 Apr 2012 - english - ALTs

The Kitakyushu Board of Education (BoE) plans to change the ALT system in elementary and junior high schools moving from a sub-contract (itaku gyomu) to a dispatch (haken) contract system in the 2012 more

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