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ドタキャン閉講を規制。非常勤講師が休業手当【労基法26条】獲得。GU won the absence allowance for cancellation of part-time classes after the term started, for low enrollment - 18 May 2014 - bilingual - Universities


 非常勤講師の不安定雇用が問題になる中、ゼネラルユニオンは、「来年度契約変更の場合は、今年度の早い時期に、ゼネラルユニオン及び組合員講師と協議する」との事前協議制を、大阪工業大・聖母女学園などとルール化してきた。 more

Fear of criminal prosecution forces Tezukayama University to settle Labour Standards Law violation - 14 Oct 2013 - english - Universities

Standard - handcuffs University to blame for class cancellations, not the teacher. Have a similar problem? Make sure to contact us immediately.

Tezukayama University, under threat of criminal prosecu more

Kansai Gaidai - 15 out leafleting! - 12 Sep 2013 - english - Universities

The past year has seen enormous growth in our branch at Kansai Gadai but members are keen to see numbers increase even more - there is strength in unity.

This morning, fifteen people w more

関西外大講師。社会保険に続き.雇用保険加入要求も実現。。。  大学本部内でのユニオンとの団交で、ゼネラルユニオン掲示板も設置。 - 31 Jul 2013 - japanese - Universities


 しかしながら、大学は、加入要件が「週20時間以上」と、さらに緩やかなハズの、雇用保険への加入を拒否してきた。学校は「招聘教 more

General Union Schools and Colleges Branch: Stable employment for all teachers - 30 Jun 2013 - english - Universities

Standard - union Yes Cartoon Last year a bill aiming to stabilize the employment of workers on limited term contracts passed both houses of the Diet. The bill gives workers who have been employed contin-uously for over five years more

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