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Sexual harassment by students in eikaiwa - survey results - 23 Mar 2014 - english - Sexual Harassment

Did you hear about the student who spent the entire lesson with his fly undone, sharing his flowery purple underwear with the world? How about the one about the student who followed his instructor ho more

ユニオン、セクシュアルハラスメント委員を任命 - 17 Jan 2014 - japanese - Sexual Harassment

Standard - Stop Sexual Harassm ユニオンの組合員が生徒からセクハラを受ける事案が何件も発生していることを受けて、ユニオンはこの問題について調査することを決定、セクハラがどのくらい拡大しているかを把握するため、アンケートを行った。セクハラを経験した人数、そして、とにかく状況のひどさは驚きだった。10代の生徒がビデオインターネットレッスン中にマスターベーションしたのを経験した講師もいれば、実際にブースでビジネスマンにマスターベーショ more

Union Appoints Sexual Harassment Officers - 1 Nov 2013 - english - Sexual Harassment

Standard - Stop Sexual Harassm

In response to a number of incidents where union members had been sexually harassed by their students, the union decided to investigate the issue, and conducted a survey to gauge the prevalence. We more

Things to Remember When Dealing with Sexual Harassment - 21 Sep 2013 - english - Sexual Harassment

Standard - Stop 1. Trust your instincts:
When a situation feels incredibly uncomfortable, it is a sign that something is wrong. Ignoring the situation is not going to change anything, but rather make it more

Sexual Harassment - what happened to me - 2 Aug 2013 - english - Sexual Harassment

I’ve taught at my company for two years now and while most students have been perfectly fine, there have been two incidents that bothered me enough to request to have the students blocked from my sche more

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