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OTC teachers have been joining the General Union since 1996. Since then, the union has developed a good working relationship with the company and have been able to make improvements to overall working conditions. We have also dealt with unfair dismissals and have won jobs back, or negotiated settlement packages.

Union membership is not unusual at OTC. Many members officially declare their membership to management. This provides you more protection under Trade Union Law.

Some people join the union in recognition of what we have won at OTC. Others join because they believe in the cause. Some people join because they might need us in the future. Others because they hope to win even better working conditions.

Whatever your reason, we recommend you join now.

Health Check As a result of union negotiations, OTC implemented a voluntary health check system. This was won for union members , as well as all other employees.

Health Insurance Japanese law states companies must enroll workers in health and pension insurance, and pay a minimum of 50% of the costs. In recent years, OTC had been refusing to enroll a number of teachers. After reaching an impasse, teachers came to the union and we were able to help them successfully negotiate for enrollment, and reached an agreement whereby OTC will enroll any union member who wishes so.

If you are not enrolled in shakai hoken you are legally required to enroll in the national pension and health insurance. While many people have managed to avoid this there is a growing number of people being hit with a two year back bill. Shakai hoken meets your legal obligations and will ensure you don’t receive a bill from the national pension agency or the health insurance division of your ward office.

The pension provides for a partial refund upon leaving Japan, to a maximum of about 3 months salary. It also provides for income protection if you are unable to work due to sickness. This provides two thirds of your salary where you are off work for 4 days to 18 months.

Contact us if you would like to be enrolled, or need more information.

Unemployment Insurance Like shakai hoken, the union negotiated for, and won, unemployment insurance at OTC. This was won for all teachers, not just union members.

The insurance provides benefits for those who are unemployed due to bankruptcy, firings and contract non-renewals. It also provides benefits, after a 90 day waiting period, for those who resign of their own accord. Depending on age and length of employment, benefits are for between 90 –330 days. Benefits are between 50-80% of your average daily salary with different daily maximums.

Other benefits include:

- Childcare Leave Allowance
- Long-term Nursing Care Leave Allowance
- Education Allowance

Paid Annual Leave The union negotiated for, and won, paid FLEXIBLE annual leave.

If you are working in schools we don’t recommend you take leave during the school term but sometimes it is unavoidable. Contact us if feel unduly pressured into not using your leave as you see fit.

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