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親会社、ココ塾に支払いを指示 - 12 May 2014 - japanese - Coco Juku



多くの人は知らないかもしれないが、労働者は退職後、契約の終了後、あるいは解雇の後、勤務終了 more

Coco Juku ordered to pay up - 12 May 2014 - english - Coco Juku

As a result of General Union demands, Nichii Gakkan, Coco Juku’s parent company, has ordered Coco Juku to follow Article 23 of the Labor Standards Law. Full details were sent to the union in official more

Teaching math at Coco Juku? - 5 Mar 2014 - english - Coco Juku

Standard - math Coco Juku is a new eikaiwa/English school chain that launched with a lot of fanfare in 2013. It is owned by Nichi Gakkan, that also happens to own Gaba.

It appears that Coco Juku is tr more

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