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パナソニック・エクセル社は、「マイノリティーユニオンとは団体協約を結ばない」と公表した。 - 20 Jul 2014 - japanese - Matsushita Excel



長年にわたって組合とパナソニック・エクセル・インターナショナル社との関係は比較的円滑なものであった。また、我々は組合員が直面した多くの問題を解決することがで more

Panasonic Excel, “We don’t sign collective agreements with minority unions.” - 16 Jul 2014 - english - Matsushita Excel

What arrogance!

And with this the company wanted us just to have a “gentlemen's agreement” in regards to consulting the union BEFORE changes are made to members' working conditions. more

Panasonic teachers keep their eye on the ball - 10 Oct 2012 - english - Matsushita Excel

Standard - Yen Sign After an important round of bargaining in July of this year where some important promises were made by the employer to the union, members are undeterred to still improve their economic situation. more

Panasonic Excel teachers demand job security and pay increases - 18 Jun 2012 - english - Matsushita Excel

YEN General Union working at Panasonic Excel have submitted new demands for collective bargaining and hope to begin negotiations in July. Teachers joined the union in 2002 when they had unilaterally been more

Excel Branch launches wage, job security, and union rights campaign - 20 Dec 2006 - english - Matsushita Excel

-General Union-

After finally settling a four year dispute regarding cut wages and employment rights the General Union Matsushita Branch mem-bers, submitted new demands to their employe more

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