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General Union Income

The majority of our income comes from our members in the form of union dues and donations. Union dues are relatively inexpensive; 36,000 yen per year. This equates to 1% of base salary for a member earning 300,000 yen per month. How does this compare to other unions? The national average has remained at 1.75% of base salary for the last 30 years (Source; Japan Institute of Labour).

Regular Donations

Regular donations are an important part of our income and greatly help maintain our financial stability when we are faced with complex labour disputes from unscrupulous employers. Donations also help pay for the General Union's day to day running costs, branch setup costs, strike funds, education seminars, campaigns, affiliation fees, legal fees and others expenses.

How can you make a donation?

Making a donation is easy. Donations can be taken directly to the General Union offices, paid online using a credit card or paid into the General Union's postal account using a 'yubin furikae'.

Donate by Credit Card

Please click on the PayPal button to be directed to our online payment page:
If the PayPal page is in Japanese, change the language to English with language selection box on top right corner of the page.

Donate through the Post Office using a 'Yubin Furikae' Postal Money Order

What is a Yubin Furikae and how do I use it?

Basically, it's a post office postal money order. Forms pre-printed in English are available from the General Union; blank forms can be obtained at any post office by asking for a 'furikae youshi'. All you need to do is fill out the General Union's account number details (00950-7-324732) and complete your own personal details in the spaces provided. Once filled out, take the form to the post office counter with your payment and hand it to the postal clerk. The post office charges a small fee; 80 yen (by ATM) or 120 yen (at the counter) for sending less than 29,999 yen.

This pre-printed form can be obtained from the union office.

This blank form can be obtained from the post office.

Thank you from us all!

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