Discounts for members

The following establishments have agreed to offer discounts to General Union members upon the presentation of a valid membership card. Many thanks for their generosity.


All Japan

ETJ Book Service
[ Textbooks etc ]
Web address:
Discount: 20% off and free shipping over 5000 yen
Comment Be sure to state that you are a union member when ordering.




LiNGUA World Cafe
[ Cafe/Craft Beer ]
Area: Uehonmachi/Tanimachi 9
Address: Hold Building 1F, Ikutamamae cho 1-1 Uehommachi, Tennoji-ku, Osaka 543-0072
Discount: 10% off food & drinks




Bottoms Up Gifu
[ Bar ]
Area: Gifu
Address: Ass building  2F, Tetsumei dori 3 chome 16-2, Gifu  090-3155-8447
Discount: 200 yen entry fee waived





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