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    At the General Union’s 2017 Annual General Meeting, the assembled delegates passed a resolution for the union’s PARiTY campaign. We’ve recent seen a number of new laws and changes in Japan aimed at improving the situation for irregular (contract, part-time) workers and members voted for the General Union to start fighting to make sure that these laws are applied at our workplaces.

    Our experience shows us that even with laws on the books, without a strong union to enforce them in the workplace, employers will refuse to implement what the government has mandated.

    Our PARiTY campaign concentrates on four recent legal changes:

    1. Unlimited term contracts after five years of employment.
    2. Easier enrollment into health and pension insurance.
    3. Fairness and wage parity for dispatched workers.
    4. And new guidelines (which look set to become law) which mandates equal pay for work of equal value.

    Watch this page for updates on the law and especially for our work implementing these changes in members’ workplaces.

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