Membership Application Form

By filling out the application form, you are applying for membership to the General Union. Your application will be reviewed and within two weeks we will contact you to tell you whether it has been accepted.


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Step 1 - Read the Duties of Membership

By joining the General Union you commit yourself to the following obligations:

1. Keeping your dues paid up to date, and paying by an automatic process such as checkoff, bank or PayPal transfer.
2. Participating in your own branch, attending your branch meetings and branch annual general meeting.
3. Supporting fellow union members, from all union branches, who are in dispute.


Step 2  - Union Dues

Dues are 500 - 5,000yen per month depending upon your salary. You should self-assess your monthly rate according to the chart here.


Step 3 - Complete the Application Form below



Please self-assess your dues rate according to chart here.



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