New member Orientations - Starting November 22

After a long break (and many questions), we have decided to restart our Member Orientation Program. This time around, we will be offering them by Skype, or in person at the Osaka office. This program will generally be on a Sunday evening - but, with Skype, we can be flexible.

Just joined the union and have questions? We'll cover these topics, and more:

• Is the General Union a foreigners union?
• Are we affiliated with national or even international federations?
• What do my dues cover?
• Are meetings compulsory?
• Will you tell my company I am a member?
• What rights do I have?

We will be looking to hold this monthly. New members should expect to receive an email invitation within 6 weeks of joining.

First Orientation: Sunday, November 22, from 6pm.

Send an email to union(@) to participate, or wait for your invitation.

Or see the Google Form