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Branch History at a glance!

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Feb 26 General Meeting. Union dues go to 1500 yen.
March 25 English Conversation school 'Attorney' files for bankruptcy.
  31 Osaka Gakuin University fires Mary Flaherty. Reason; 3 year limit. GU files case in May at Osaka District Court, in September at Osaka Labour Commission.
April 12 President of Attorney harangued at meeting with students. In revenge for TV appearance, president assaults GU member Peter Gordon, and is arrested.
May 17 GU Nichibei Eigo Gakuin Branch founded. Collective agreement signed in November.
June 12 GU Branches at Attorney, Mikado Propeller and Asahi Hiking trip to Mie. Victory at Mikado Propeller: Contracts renewed and training allowance doubled.
July 9 Symposium on Limited term contracts. Mr Suh Yong-Dal, Mary and Mr Niwa.
  15 Mary F's case goes to High Court, reported in Newsweek.
  20 'Bilingual' goes bankrupt. GU Bilingual Branch formed.
  21 Protest support meeting in Kyoto. GU wins back enrolment in Unemployment Insurance.
Sept 6 NOVA teacher arrested for Marijuana possession. NOVA attempts to force all foreign employees to take drug tests. GU NOVA Branch declared with 150 members, refuses testing, and holds press conference.
  18 NOVA Executive Anders Lundquist visits GU to apologise. Drug tests abandoned.
  24-25 APWSL International Meeting 'Foreign Workers' Rights' Representatives from Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, AMC.
Dec 6 GU Otemon Univ. Branch formed. All 7 members win contract renewals.