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Branch History at a glance!

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Jan 17 GU Kwansei Gakuin Branch declared. Demands on withdrawal of pay cut, paid holidays and UI (Pay cut withdrawn March 13).
Feb 9 'Unemployed Union' founded in Kansai, at Kansai Concrete Workers' Hall.
  14 General Action Day. Demo outside Geos, Namba School in support of Hitomi Nishikawa.
  16 GU submits demands to Ritsumeikan Uji High School, wins renewal of teacher's contract.
  28 GU Chris English Masters Branch declared. March 27 Collective Bargaining, collective agreement signed July 1, guaranteeing pay rises.
March 10 GU civil court victory in unfair dismissal case; Paul vs Nichibei Eigo Gakuin. Case makes major papers and national TV. Company appeals to High Court March 22.
April 27 Anti-Ishihara Demo in protest against 'Sangokujin' case.
June 16 Geos dispute settled in victory for General Union. 14 Japanese staff win unpaid overtime allowance. Company promises in writing to obey labour law.
  30 Zenrokyo 'Workers' Summit' Asia International Meeting.
July 23 Geos dispute victory seminar. Tokai Geos Union Fund set up.
Aug 16 GU sends demands to Ashoka Indian Restaurant, with Fukuoka General Union.
Oct 6 GU eXL Japan ( Branch declared. ULP case filed Dec 28, Osaka Labour Commission.
Dismissal case at NOVA Toyama school for 'getting engaged to a student.' Dismissal withdrawn one month later after GU protests.
Nov 10 GU Institut Franco-Japonais Branch declared. (files ULP case against French government March 21 '01)
  17 GU High Court victory against Nichibei Eigo Gakuin. Paul returns to work Nov 27. (March 5 '01, ULP case settled at Osaka Labour Commission. GU victory. Colin returns to work.)
  21 GU Kyoto City Branch declared (ALT's).
  26 Korea Omron union visits Osaka, while visiting Japan to protest at the parent company. Victory in Tokyo.