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Some kindergartens are better than others, and there are definitely good ones out there. However, in our experience, many kindergartens in the Kansai & Nagoya areas have problems of some sort or another. Wouldn'T you like to be part of improving things?

These are some of the problems we have dealt with at some kindergartens. How does your workplace compare?
  • Harassment
  • Unjustified firings
  • Unwillingness to enroll employees in unemployment insurance
  • Unwilling to enroll in , or illegally cut salaries to, Shakai hoken (health & pension as mandated by law)
  • Threats of reduced salary when asking to be enrolled in shakai hoken
  • Forced or unpaid overtime
  • Lack of real breaks
  • Lack of preparation time
  • Inability to use paid leave as you want (guaranteed by law)
  • Half of employee's paid leave being set by the employer (usually illegally)
  • Illegal salary deductions for taking sick days
  • Money being withheld illegally when resigning

This is just a short list of some of the kindergartens we have members at.
  • Abroad International School
  • BL Kids international
  • Clover International Preschool
  • Global Village International Preschool
  • Kansai International School
  • Kinder Kids International School
  • Minerva
  • No Borders International School
  • Rainbow International School
  • Royal Ivy Academy
  • Royal Kids International School
  • Sakura International School
Please contact us if you would like to improve things in your workplace

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Kansai International School forced to pay - 9 May 2014 - english - Kindergartens

Standard - Yen Sign Kansai International School/Sakura International School is notorious for its paid holiday system. Now someone has finally done something about it.

After consulting the union, one teache more

こども英会話のミネルヴァ(BL Kidsインターナショナルプリスクール)を不当労働行為で緊急の救済申立 - 26 Mar 2014 - japanese - Kindergartens


こども英会話のミネルヴァは、ユニオンからの団交申入れに対し、出席者の数などに条件をつけようとしたり、大阪での団交開催を拒否したりと、この10日間のうちに3度も団交を拒否してきた。ユニオン、職場ともに大阪近辺である more

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