"Unexcused" absences: Cold and Flu season at Gaba

'Twas the night before Christmas, and in every LS,

We could hear the sound of instructors trying to suppress,

Their coughing and sniffling with the greatest of care,

Thinking to themselves that this wasn’t quite fair.


OTC - Organizing drive begins

OTC members have been busy writing a new leaflet outlining the branches achievements over the past few years at OTC. We've done well - health and pension insurance, unemployment insurance, paid FLEXIBLE annual leave, as well as solving a host of individual grievances such as study leave, resignation procedures etc.


How much?


That was the average summer bonus for a shokuin/seishain at ECC this year.


Even a typhoon won't stop our organizing campaign at Peppy Kids Club

Call us crazy but even a typhoon won't get in the way of our new organizing campaign at Peppy Kids Club/iTTTi Japan.


General Union and Gaba Corporation sign grievance procedure agreement

Under the Trade Union Law, companies in Japan must hold collective bargaining with unions. But they are not legally required to deal with individual problems raised by employees. In other words, if you wanted to legally ensure that you were heard at Gaba you needed to submit collective bargaining requests through the union, decide on a date, then spare a day, have a prior-approved agenda, a translator, and approximately six volunteers to argue your case.


Union demands members' contracts be renewed at Nippon Steel & Sumikin Intercom

Nippon Steel & Sumikin Intercom has answered union demands in the negative, stating that union members' contracts will not be renewed. The union members have more than 15 years of service. Revisions to the Labour Contract Law in August 2012 now make it necessary for employers to have social acceptable reasons for non-renewing contracts that have been renewed several times.


Gaba Branch Update - October 2013

The Gaba branch is always busy working on various issues to improve the working lives of instructors. Some issues are large, such as overall pay rates and conditions. Others are smaller, and may only deal with a situation being faced by only one instructor. But all of them are important, and instructors who are experiencing any difficulties in their work at Gaba are encouraged to contact the union.


ECC Union Meeting in Nagoya, Sunday October 6th

New to ECC? New to Nagoya? Interested in finding out more about your union? Come along to the ECC union meeting and meet the Nagoya branch reps, non-members are more than welcome.


Branch declared at Nippon Steel & Sumikin Intercom

On September 30, General Union members working at Nippon Steel & Sumikin Intercom declared a union branch. Members with over 15 years of service with the company are concerned about their job security and worsening working conditions. The company has already implemented salary cuts for teachers and hinting at non-renewing teachers contracts.


A new wave of union activism in GU Berlitz branch

After the biggest union meeting of Berlitz union members at the end of August, the union has submitted demands to raise wages, protect part time teachers from arbitrary cuts in lessons taught, and to make sure that Berlitz teachers are paid for all the work they do.


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