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Immigration Lawyers

The following lawyers can help you with:
Permission to extend, change, or acquire a status of residence
Re-entry permission
Certificate of eligibility


Law Office Nakano
Consultations in English, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, and Portuguese.

Sekimoto Solicitor's Office
Consultations in English, Chinese, and Korean.

Seki Office
Consultations in English.

Kawasaki Legal Office
Consultations in English. (Free e-mail consultation)

Isuzugawa Law Office
Consultations in English. (Initial on-line inquiry free)


Office Maeda
Tel:075-212-2792 (toll free from BB-Phone)
Consultations in English.


Sugaya International
Consultations in English. (First consultation free)


Yamamoto Immigration
Consultations in English.

Asahi Tokyo Law Office
Consultations in English.

This list is a growing resource for our members. Please tell us of any other immigration lawyers that provide consultations in languages other than Japanese.

General Assistance in Western Japan

(updated December 2003)

Information Plaza Osaka International House
TEL: 06-6773-6533
Consultations available in English, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, and Indonesian.

Kobe Community House and Information Center
TEL: 078-857-6540
Consultations available in English.

Kyoto City International Foundation
TEL: 075-752-3010
Consultations in English and Chinese.

Hyogo International Plaza
TEL: 078-230-3060
Consultations in English.

Nara International Foundation
TEL: 0742-27-2436
Consultations in English, Chinese, and Portuguese.

Nagoya International Center
TEL: 052-581-0100
Consultations in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, French, and Filipino.

Hiroshima International Center
TEL: 082-541-3777
Consultations in English, Chinese, and Spanish.

Fukuoka International Association
TEL: 092-733-2220
Consultations in English, Chinese, and Korean.

Mie International Exchange Foundation
TEL: 059-223-5006
Consultations in English, Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Living in Japan

AMDA International Medical Information Center

AMDA International Medical Information Center - Help Page

Living in Japan - Guide

Solidarity Network with Migrants - Japan

Centre for Multicultural Information & Assistance

Kansai Time Out - Kansai based magazine

Japanfile - Guide to life in Japan

Legaland Immigration advice in Kansai

Help Contacts for the Kansai region

Nagoya International Center

Peace as a Global Language

Japanese Unions

National Union of General Workers, Tokyo South

Fukuoka General Union

The Nova Union of Teachers is the union for all teachers and staff working for NOVA foreign language schools in the Kanto region. The Nova Union of Teachers is affiliated to the NUGW (Tokyo South).

Berlitz Union
The Berlitz Union website is shared by the Kanto, Kansai, Tokai, and Kyushu based Berlitz Unions.

Education Workers and Amalgamated Union Osaka (EWA)

Labor Net Japan (English Page)

Global Organisations

Center for Labor Research and Education, University of California, Los Angeles

The above books are published by the Center of Labor Research and Education, University of California, Los Angeles. Kent Wong is author of Voices for Justice, Teaching for Change and edited Voices from the Front Line. Kent visited the General Union in November 2003 as part of a tour to promote a Japanese translation that combines two of the books. Kent is part of a movement that is helping to make positive changes to US labor conditions for immigrant workers.

The United Nations Human Rights Treaties

International Labour Organization

Labornet Australia

Labornet UK

Labornet USA

Mutual Links

For those who want to know about Japan

A voice for non-Japanese

The TEFL Teacher's Legal Resource

The National Union of Students in Australia.

Teaching English in Japan

Consultative Status with ECOSOC

Labour/Trade Union Bodies with ECOSOC Consultative Status

World Federation of Trade Unions (1946)

International Confederation of Free Trade Unions* (1950)

(*The Japanese Trade Union Confederation - RENGO is affilialited to the ICFTU)

Organization of African Trade Union Unity (1975)

Arab Lawyers Union (1971)

General Confederation of Trade Unions (1998)

General Union (2005)

International Federation of Building and Woodworkers (1997)

International Road Transport Union (1949)

International Union of Socialist Youth (1993)

International Union of Students (1983)

International Transport Worker's Federation

Trade Unions International of Agriculture, Forestry and Plantation Workers

Trade Unions International of Food, Tobacco, Hotel, and Allied Industries Workers

World Confederation of Teachers

World Federation of Teacher's Unions

World Federation of Workers in Food, Tobacco and Hotel Industries


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