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Union wins job back for fired disabled Nova teacher - 30 Aug 2013 - english - Nova

Standard - justice Nova recently fired a long term employee, and union member, due to his disability. This was part of a series of actions harassing our member because he is disabled. Needing the job badly, our member h more

Nova: Stop firing disabled workers! - 16 Aug 2013 - english - Nova

Standard - Stop EB is a long term employee of Nova. He was there when the bankruptcy happened. For some time now, he has had a neurological condition. It does not affect the quality of his lessons, nor has there been more

Ex-Nova language school founder Sahashi's two-year prison term finalized - 28 Nov 2012 - english - Nova

From the 22 November edition of the Japan Times

The Supreme Court has rejected an appeal by the founder and former president of the language school chain Nova Corp. against his convicti more

Nova conditions down - 13 Dec 2011 - english - Nova

Conditions at NOVA continue to spiral downwards. From November, NOVA has started cutting teachers’ base salaries and allowances.

NOVA has once again taken advantage of contract workers more

Union members win back allowances at NOVA - 12 Jul 2011 - english - Nova

Standard - Yen Sign While embassies were urging their citizens to evacuate from the Kanto region, NOVA was bullying "other language" instructors to transfer to Tokyo or have their allowances cut.

Members more

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