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Ritsumeikan Branch 立命館大学支部

The Ritsumeikan University Branch was formed in 2003 to address specific Ritsumeikan University issues. The branch is currently in dispute with university administration over its policy of contract term limits that treat teachers as disposable.
Archive of the GU Ritsumeikan University Branch

Branch News No.1 (May 2005) (pdf)
Leaflet No.1 (June 2005) [ front png | back (pdf) ]
Branch News No.2 (July 2005) (pdf)
Branch News No.2 insert (July 2005) (pdf)
Branch News No.3 (October 2005) (pdf)
Branch News No.3 insert (October 2005) (pdf)
Leaflet No.2 (October 2005) (pdf)
Leaflet 2006-No.1 (Japanese) (May 2006) (pdf)
NHK reports on Ritsumeikan dispute. (wmv file)

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TV reports Ritsumeikan's non-renewal case 立命館雇止め事件報道 - 7 May 2008 - bilingual - Ritsumeikan

Nozaki 08年5月7日「<切り捨て御免>の大学講師」と題して,立命館大学の嘱託講師雇止め事件が報道されました.ぜひごらんください.ビデオ(5'17'')を見る

Nine Union Notice Boards won at Ritsumeikan - 15 Feb 2008 - english - Ritsumeikan

After several years of fighting with the General Union over contract limits, dispatching and unfair labour practices Ritsumeikan University has finally conceded one of the union's demands. The Univer more

Workers' Representative Election Report - 22 Dec 2007 - english - Ritsumeikan

General Union backed candidate Endo Reiko received 148 votes, nearly 25% of the votes cast, in the election for the Labour Standards Law mandated Workers' Representative on Ritsumeikan University's Ki more

Ritsumeikan Unfair Labour Practice Case hearing schedule - 4 Nov 2007 - english - Ritsumeikan

9 Nov 2007 (Fri), 1 pm - 3 pm (witness: Endo Reiko, Ritsumeikan Hijokin Italian teacher, General Union Vice chair)

10 Dec 2007 (Mon), 1 pm - 3 pm (witnesses: Mr. M. from Ritsumeikan Gen more

Hunger Strike video 3 days before ハンスト3日前ビデオ - 14 Jul 2007 - bilingual - Ritsumeikan


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