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ECC Nagoya Teachers Open Meeting Sunday, November 16

We will be holding an open meeting for ECC teachers to find out more about the ECC branch of the union and our ECC 100 campaign to win improved working conditions at ECC.

Date - Sunday November 16
Meeting Time - 5pm to 6pm
Place - General Union office, Nagoya Map

The office is easy to find but if you need help meet at the JR Nagoya Clock Tower at 4:30pm.

The issues

* End the ALP lottery system in Nagoya and use the same system as in Kansai. Read more
* 100 yen per hour base-up for all teachers.
* Other demands include permanent employment, special leave, transparency in yearly increases...

Any questions e-mail us at or call the ECC branch chair on 050-3618-3096.

Click here to find out more about the ECC Branch.

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