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The General Union and the Osaka YMCA has a long history. We have been successful in halting cuts to working conditions and also improving them. Labour agreements have been signed to ensure quality of education by limiting the number of teaching hours per week to 20. We have also signed an agreement under which any changes to working conditions must be negotiated prior to the fact.

After union pressure, Osaka YMCA enrolls eligible employees in the employer health & pension scheme (shakai hoken). For more information on the benefits of shakai hoken insurance and kosei nenkin pension insurance, and why the General Union believes all eligible employees should be enrolled, please click here.

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YMCA members win pay raise! - 1 Apr 2004 - english - YMCA

At the beginning of the Shunto Season (spring bargaining), the Osaka YMCA warned the traditional annual wage increase bargained with the union was in jeopardy. The union's answer was simple; if the co more

YMCAにおける差別行為 - 18 Feb 2004 - japanese - YMCA

「私たち日本のYMCAは、イエス・キリストにおいて示された愛と奉仕の生き方に学びつつ、世界のYMCAとのつながりのなかで、 次の使命を担います。私たちは、一人ひとりの人権を守り、 正義と公正を求め、喜びを共にし、痛みを分かちあう社会をめざします。」(「日本YMCA基本原則」より)

大阪YMCAは、イエス・キリストの教えに従って事業活動を行うことを趣旨とする準宗教団体で more

Discriminatory Practices at the YMCA - 18 Feb 2004 - english - YMCA

"We, the YMCAs in Japan, learning from the life of love and service manifested in Jesus Christ shall carry on the following mission in collaboration with other YMCAs throughout the world. We shall str more

YMCA teachers start Shunto 2004 - 13 Nov 2003 - english - YMCA

YMCA teachers start Shunto 2004
Teachers at the both the YMCA language centre and the International High School have submitted demands to their employer to start negotiating the working conditi more

YMCA Strikes Again - 13 Aug 2003 - english - YMCA

After what seems only a few months of relative peace, teachers at Osaka YMCA are striking again. Whereas previous strikes concentrated on protecting existing working conditions, this time teachers are more

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