Your Rights and Amity Housing - My Story

I work at Amity and I recently cancelled my housing contract with the company, while keeping my job. Fortunately, this paradox did not destroy the fabric of space-time.

When I first asked my Manager about finding a new apartment, she told me that the company-provided accommodations were non-negotiable. I was disappointed, but did my best to make the place habitable. It was much smaller than I was used to. There was no kitchen, just a hallway with a fridge, a sink and one lonely burner. Although I disliked my apartment, I figured there wasn’t anything I could do, since I’d already been told no.

After a mold problem developed in the apartment, Amity still wouldn’t let me move out. They denied there was a problem and scolded me for breaking the chain of command by going above my Manager’s head to request that something be done to fix the mold. I’d had enough.

My Manager said she didn’t think it was possible. My area trainer said she didn’t know if it was possible to cancel the rental agreement, but she didn’t think so. Tommy Law said it was impossible.

But the Union said yes.

The Union informed me that Amity had lied to me the whole time. We have the legal right to cancel our rental contact with Amity at any time for whatever reason. As soon as the Union declared me, Amity cancelled my rental contract within days. They even refunded one month’s rent.

I have since moved to a great place close by and couldn’t be happier about it. I strongly recommend that if you are having a housing problem with Amity, that you join the General Union. The Union can achieve what is impossible for one person alone. Amity knows that the Union means knowing your rights, getting the support and expertise you need, strength in numbers, courage of conviction.


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