ALTs make the evening news

The topic of Assistant Language Teachers in public schools is heating up. In a report by a news program one parent complained that their child's class had seven different ALTs in a year.


ALTs and the Influenza - Tell the us what's happening

Do you have any control over your own workplace?The current influenza situation is proving very clearly that you don't.


ALT: Dispatch vs. Direct Hire


Are you an ALT?
Think working conditions are fair?
Think again!

Interac teachers recently won direct hire at Kurashiki Board of Education. Compare the working conditions! Read full story here.

Direct Hire Vs. Interac

Working Conditions Kurashiki Direct Hire Interac Dispatch
Monthly Salary 330,000 Variable: 180 - 260,000 depending on nationality
Housing Allowance 25,000 zero
Summer Salary 100% 60%
Yearly Bonus 150-420,000 zero
Shakai Hoken (health & pension) Yes, 50% paid by employer zero
Paid Annual Leave 15 - 20 days days 5 days
Sick Leave 5 days zero
Extended Paid Medical Leave up to 25 days zero
Bereavement Leave 10 days zero
Job Security Yes Dispatch company always at risk of losing contract

Are you and your co-workers interested in direct hire? Contact the union to find out more.

What are you waiting for?


ALT Meetings - Kansai & Nagoya

Come to an meeting and find out what the General Union is doing to improve the working conditions of ALTs. You will have the chance to ask questions and share your concerns. Osaka Date: Sunday, January 24, 2010


ALT furniture: A look at ALT dispatch contracts in Fukuoka

-by Chris Flynn, Fukuoka General Union         ALTs have become a regular part of the Japanese educational landscape—or perhaps I should say like a piece of educational furniture.


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