Berlitz instructors; Don't Complain! Join and Vote for new 2017 demands

We are inviting all current and NEW members to participate in our meeting on 2 October from 8pm and to vote on our next round of demands.

Members, new and current, can partiicpate in person at the union office or via skype. Even if you can't come out, you will be sent a link to vote on our new demands.

Here are the new demands that we are considering.

1. A pay rise for all contract instructors (amount to be discussed at the meeting).

2. Job and pay security for per lesson instructors (how will be discussed at the meeting).


Also, we want members to prioritise the following list and the most popular will be submitted for negotiations.

  • Reduction in monitoring/evaluation for senior teachers.
  • A minimum of two lessons for first/last lesson on day.
  • A clear policy for “Schedule of Availability”
  • An end to unannounced monitoring
  • An end to floating contracts for contract teachers.
  • A better work environment—fresh air and reduced dust
  • One method for every four kids lessons.
  • A policy to ensure fewer large drops in lesson counts.
  • A suggestion box and MI answers to the suggestions.
  • Union introduction at orientation for new hires.
  • Clarification of evaluation criteria.

Last year in negotiations we were able to win big improvements through an increase in pay rates and a reduction in work. More members will bring us more victories.

You can join the union by visiting New members can join for 1,000yen which covers the current and next month. You will also find a permission form so that your future dues can be deducted directly from your salary (another victory we won last year).

Hope to see you all at the meeting!

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