Good News for Berlitz Members as Union Improves Pay and Other Conditions

On Friday, October 12th, collective bargaining for 2019 working conditions finally ended, and both parties concluded a collective agreement.

This is the first ever collective agreement with Berlitz that offers pay increases outside of the current evaluated pay increase system.

While the agreement is limited in scope and only covers some members who were not eligible for an evaluation or were maxed out on pay increases, it is a major breakthrough at a company who has only ever given pay increases based on evaluation.

Pay increases based on evaluation is the norm for contracted workers in Japan (if there even is a pay increase).

Companies often find it incomprehensible that a union would even demand across the board pay increases.

We're happy to report that while Berlitz continues to believe that pay increases should be based on evaluation, they still agreed to work out something for those who were not eligible.

We will now need to leverage this victory into a pay increase for all Berlitz members in 2020 in order to increase pay in general - and to offset the cost of living increase caused by the increase in the consumption tax.

The collective agreement also covered procedures for challenging negative student evaluations and reducing split shifts.

One issue that was not settled this year was pay for those between 65 and 70.

Berlitz teachers can continue working for five years after their formal retirement, but the pay goes down even though teachers are doing the exact same job.

The agreement stipulates that both parties will continue negotiating this in the future.

There was also excellent news for some dispatched teachers working for Berlitz:

The union was able to win an improvement on their allowance system which gave these members a substantial end of your bonus.

Union members will be meeting again late this year to work out new demands for negotiations in 2020.

Congratulations to all the Berlitz members!

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