Making Berlitz Better

Union members at Berlitz became the second union branch to submit demands for a 2% increase in pay (over and above their regular evaluated pay increases) to offset the increases in the consumption tax since 2014.

Members believe that while pay has increased a little based on their individual evaluations, the importance of this pay raise, meant to reward performance only, is lost if is eroded by tax increases. Therefore, members are asking for a pay increase to rebalance their salaries from when the sales tax rate doubled from 5% to 10%.

Berlitz is unique in the eikaiwa world as it offers a company-fully-funded pension in addition to the legally required public pension.

The union demands aim to increase the eligibility of union members to join the company pension - especially by cutting the requirements from two years to one, and reducing the number of lessons instructors must work to qualify.

In addition to this company-funded pension plan, Berlitz also offers a company funded accidental and sickness death, and disability plan.

Recent changes to this plan though removed the coverage for some members and the union is demanding the return of the lost coverage.

The union does give Berlitz kudos for their pension and life insurance plans especially as it's 100% company funded.

We hope in the future to demand the same benefits for all workers in the language teaching industry.

Negotiations began 14 February and we hope to win our demands -  especially over pay and excessive teaching loads.

Joining the union at Berlitz is easy. Just visit:

Union dues are simple and easy to pay as they are deducted from your salary.

Help us help you make a better Berlitz for all.

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