The Reality of Convenience Stores

Recently, Seven-Eleven Japan notified the Chair of the Japan Association of Convenience Store Franchisee's Union (the "Konbini Kamei-ten Yunion", or "CU"), a union comprised of convenience store operators and employees, that it would refuse to renew his contract with the company, effectively firing him. This action has shocked the members of the CU, who have decried it as "blatant union-busting".


We Just Won A Refrigerator! (Seriously!)

As you may know, the General Union is comprised of many different branches. One of these branches is our Shinobu Branch, representing workers who are employed by Shinobu Foods Products Co., Ltd. which - as their name suggests - manufactures and sells food products in Japan.


Myembro ng Shinobu Foods Nagwagi sa Bagong Check-off System

Ang "check-off" (salitang ginagamit ng mga kawani ng industriya at empleyo) ay isang proseso kung saan kusang kinakaltas ng kumpanya/amo ang kontribusyon ng mga myembro ng unyon mula sa kanilang sweldo.

Ang check-off ay karaniwang sistema ng mga unyon sa Japan at maging sa ating bansa. Subalit, sa maliliit na unyong tulad ng General Union, ang ganitong sistema ay hindi gaanong pangkaraniwan.


Shinobu Foods members win new check-off system

Check-off (Industrial Relations & HR Terms) - a procedure whereby an employer deducts union contributions directly from an employee's pay and pays the money to the union.

Check off is common practice in many of our home countries, it is also quite common in company controlled unions in Japan. For smaller unions, such as the General Union, it is very rare.


11/22 Ganbare, Metro Ladies! Irregular Workers' Assembly in Tokyo. Please join in!

NUGW Tokyo East's Metrocommerce Branch is a group of non-regular employees working at kiosks in Tokyo Metro stations. They are fighting to eliminate wage discrimination between them and the regular employees. On the 22nd of November, they are holding an assembly to appeal for support for their branch's struggle, and also to call on fellow non-regular employees--who suffer from the same sorts of discrimination and low wages--to stand up together. We hope every one of you will be able to participate.


A win at Shinobu Foods

In 2009 the General Union began organizing at Shinobu Food when a dispatch worker came to us with a Worker's Compensation Insurance claim. The union was able to help the worker in having their injury recognized under the insurance and to protect her job.


Shinobu Foods GU Filipino members set to strike!シノブフーズ フィリピン人労働者は闘う!

We urge ALL UNION members TO support our Shinobu Foods members during this dispute.


The union in smaller workplaces

Most of the news that we report at the General Union is the bigger cases but we do a lot of work at smaller companies too. Here is one such case.


Not Everyone Is An English Teacher

While the General Union is predominantly a union of language teachers, we also accept members in other walks of life. We were established to be a home for workers without a union at their workplace or who, being part-time or on fixed-term contracts, are traditionally not organised by workplace unions representing full-time permanent staff.


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