We Stand Against the Arrest and Detention of Kan'nama Union Activists

The arrests of union leaders and activists of the All Japan Construction and Transport Solidarity Union - Kansai Ready Mix Concrete Branch (Kan'nama) continues.

The chair of this union has been in detention for over one year.

When you think of countries where trade unionists are locked up, you might think of China or Iran - but this is happening here in Japan.

Arrested for striking? Arrested for handing out leaflets? Arrested for carrying out safety inspections?

Yes to all.

Kan'nama Union is more than just a union.

It has been a solid ally of the General Union over many years.

It stands with the Okinawan people against the construction of more military bases.

It stands against the oppression of Koreans living in Japan.

Kan'nama stands with all of us, so we must stand with Kan'nama.

You can donate to the Kan'nama Defence Fund at www.generalunion.org/donate

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