HELLO-------Members and non-members alike are welcome to ask for a consultation using the form below.

HELLO-------We ask that non-members who are approaching the union with a existing labor issue do not submit a membership application form until after they have consulted with union staff.

Please note that the General Union's time and resources are limited, so be sure to include the name of your employer and keep the details of your problem as succinct as possible.

Although we try to reply to consultation requests as quickly as possible, this may not always be possible due to current union action (i.e. court cases), seasonal activity, or other issues and problems that we may be dealing with.

If you are experiencing a delay in reply, please do not send the multiple requests via e-mail or Facebook. These will be ignored.

In addition, the General Union reserves the right to ignore or otherwise refuse to answer consultation requests that are abusive or otherwise irrelevant to labor issues (i.e. demands for us to attack certain companies or job requests).  

If you are already a member of the General Union and you have an urgent issue, please call the office directly.

Additional information