GU Map

Map of GU office

From Temmabashi Station, Keihan or Tanimachi Line (N.B. NOT TEMMA STATION), go out of Exit No.18 (near the Keihan Line East Ticket Gate, next to McDonald's) on to the riverside promenade. Turn right and go up the slope to Temmabashi bridge and turn left to cross the bridge. At the far end of the bridge, cross the road so that you are on the right side of the road with Temmabashi Station behind you.

Keep walking straight ahead. From the end of the bridge it is another 100-120 yards to our building, the Rokko Temma Building. Right in front of where the flyover / passover comes down to join Temmabashi Suji, there is a sign for Raw Tracks, a live house, on the side of the building. You should also be able to see the green General Union sign

Take the lift to the 2nd floor, Room 201.

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