General Union celebrates 15 years at ECC

In recognition of the 15 year anniversary of the General Union ECC Branch, we are making it easier to join than ever. Pay 1000 yen to cover your first 2 months of membership. After that, have your dues automatically deducted from your salary.


It's easy- click here to become a member today!

February 26, marked the 15th anniversary of the declaration of the General Union ECC branch. Over the years, the General Union has played a major role in workplace im-provements at ECC. Initial demands in 1996 centered about basic workers' rights, such as obeying the Labour Standards Law, and the Trade Union Law. For job security, the union demanded a pre-consultation agreement over changes to members’ working conditions. All union members benefit from this pre-consultation agreement. ECC must consult the General Union over major changes to working conditions. The union and ECC also have a grievance procedure. This gives members an avenue for solving individual workplace problems. The union continues to nego-tiate with ECC on a regular basis. Collective bargaining concentrates on overall work-ing conditions and is typically held at least 4 times a year. The union and ECC also have a forum where management and union members discuss a range of ideas to improve ECC. These include things such as lesson preparation, lesson content and even student care. 15 years of union activity has seen continued improvements: the introduction of flexible paid annual leave, unem-ployment insurance, shakai hoken, a toll-free number for sub-teachers and English pay slips. These are just a few examples. The union continues to push for a teacher evaluation sys-tem that is clear and fair, and provides feedback to teachers. Teachers need job security. One year contracts do not provide this. We are currently negotiating for open-ended contracts, and also the chance to become permanent employees.

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