Will ECC see yet another strike over pay?

Members at ECC, after having ran a successful strike last year over pay cuts and doubling their membership over the past year have submitted new pay demands to the company. Last year's strike of about 50 teachers was in order to fight a company proposal to replace yearly performance based pay increments with lump sum payments and hence freezing their wages, but this year members aren't going to be satisfied just stopping clawbacks - they want more money in their pockets.


According to the branch co-chairs, "It's been a year since the sales tax rose from 5% to 8%. Some of our newer members are still struggling to settle into Japan; some of our long-term members are trying to support a family." 

New demands were voted on by members in December and negotiations are set to start in mid March. Demands include a 2,000 yen increase in the base pay, a 5% increase in wages, and contract renewal bonuses based on seniority. 

It's time for ECC to acknowledge that financial pressures have increased on our members, and to agree to a long-overdue pay raise.

We urge all those who aren't yet members to join and help improve our financial security.


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