Negotiation deadlock broken at ECC

The union's strategy of applying for mediation with the Osaka Labour Relations Commission has achieved its purpose- breaking the negotiation deadlock with ECC.

 Even though ECC refused mediation they indicated that they were keen to accept collective bargaining and negotiate with the union in good faith. Job security and special leave were the issues raised. 1. Job security ECC reiterated its stance that foreign employees could become seishain. The union raised previous promises from ECC, that have not been implemented, about creating new positions and training for teachers who do wish to follow a seishain career path. The union has also proposed the abolishment of fixed-term contracts for teachers who do not wish to follow the seishain career track. ECC has agreed to keep consulting with the union over the coming months. 2. Special Leave ECC has said they are willing to introduce special leave (unpaid) for instructors. The union and ECC will be meeting Wednesday, December 21st to discuss ECC’s proposal.

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