Best School Survey - Congratulations!

The survey results have been tallied and you've voted on the best ECC School out there. The winner by far is Nishinomiya. Teachers working there are impressed by the preparation done by the support staff at the school. In the Tokai region, the winner was Kanayama Honko.

 Teachers in the Kansai region were less impressed by the Hirakata school. Teachers feel the school fails to support them with adequate materials preparation. In the Tokai region, Seto School had a long list of complaints: Bad FTL books, bad readers, bad cultural lesson preparation, lack of glue, scissors and crayons, bad OPPT feedback materials support.

So, congratulations to Nishinomiya and Kanayama. We thank you for your continued support of teachers. Let's work together to make the ECC experience a good one for teachers, staff & students alike.

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