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To protect your rights at work the best thing you can do is join the union. Union members get advice and support from our staff and workplace representatives. Membership is open to any ECC employee, part or full time, of any nationality.


2008 ECC Best School Survey

It’s that time again, time for the annual ECC Best School Survey. Can Nishinomiya (Kinki District) and Kanayama Honko (Chubu District) do it again and win for the second survey running?


ECC members demand pay increase and permanent contracts

The ECC Branch has submitted new demands for collective bargaining. Sick and tired of the stress of having to renew contracts every March we are asking ECC to abolish annual contracts.


English Payslips Still Coming?

In March 2007, the General Union ECC Branch reported that ECC answered union demands for English payslips saying that they would proactively look into the matter. Nine months have passed and still no English payslips.


Living in Japan

Information on life in Japan


ECC Frequently Asked Questions

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GU seeks clarification of ECC's Childcare Leave Policy

The ECC branch has submitted questions over childcare leave.

ECC informed the GU that full time instructors are eligible. Demands were then submitted that childcare leave be included in the the full time instructor work code. ECC has answered.


English Payslips Coming Soon?

How much of your payslip do you understand? For a large number of instructors it is a bunch of numbers and a lot of Japanese. Do you even know if you have been paid correctly?


ECC Speak Survey

Speak has become an important educational tool at ECC for students and teachers alike.In an industry first, ECC students now have an advanced tool to practice and review for FTL lessons.

The General Union is concerned that instructors are not familiar with Speak. Some instructors have never had an opportunity to use Speak and are not familiar with the benefits it provides ECC students.


Branch Leadership Roles

ECC Branch Chair: Duties include calling and presiding over branch executive meetings and branch meetings. Liaising with the General Union executive committee over branch activity, campaigns, demands, negotiations and grievances. Submitting reports to the General Union Executive Committee and coordination of union communication with branch members.


GU wins Shakai Hoken at ECC

After a hard fought fight, the General Union and ECC have signed a historic collective agreement over Shakai Hoken (Health and Pension) on 28th July 2006.


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