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Your rights at ECC
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  • Advice and Support
  • Collective Bargaining for Better Conditions
  • Protection and Job Security
  • Workplace Health and Safety

To protect your rights at work the best thing you can do is join the union. Union members get advice and support from our staff and workplace representatives. Membership is open to any ECC employee, part or full time, of any nationality.


ECC Union Dues Chart

ECC members are required, except in special circumstances, to pay their union dues through a checkoff arrangment the union has with ECC. After filling out the required form, your union dues will be withdrawn from your monthly salary and remitted to the union. 

Click here to download the checkoff form.



Sub-shifts- Are they legal?

More and more teachers are asking questions about ECC's sub-shift system.


Best School Survey - Congratulations!

The survey results have been tallied and you've voted on the best ECC School out there. The winner by far is Nishinomiya. Teachers working there are impressed by the preparation done by the support staff at the school. In the Tokai region, the winner was Kanayama Honko.


WARNING - Money Stolen at Umeda School

This past week has seen another wallet stolen at Umeda school. This is the third incident in a little over six months.


Union Achievements at ECC

 The following are a list of some of the major General Union achievements at ECC since 1996.

  • Pay Increases 2016 - Across the board 35yen/hr pay increase
  • Pay Increases 2015 - First ever across the board pay increase, not linked to performance, for union members
  • First Aid Kits
  • English pay slips
  • Flexible paid annual leave (ALPs)
  • Unemployment Insurance (koyo hoken)
  • Health and Pension Insurance (shakai hoken)
  • Established grievance procedure
  • Negotiated for “Influenza” Leave
  • Special Leave for marriages and funerals
  • Water Coolers (in schools with no kitchens)
  • Improved emergency evacuation procedures
  • Toll free number for Kinki district sub teachers
  • At least 10 days notice for Buffer Day and Block Meeting/ASM shifts
  • Agreement to consult with the union over major changes to working conditions Mandatory training to be conducted during working hours or paid at the “overtime rate” (excluding core training) 


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