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To protect your rights at work the best thing you can do is join the union. Union members get advice and support from our staff and workplace representatives. Membership is open to any ECC employee, part or full time, of any nationality.


2010 - The ECC Branch in Review


Union demands that the IC Timecard replacement fee be abolished!

The ECC branch is set to negotiate over the replacement fee for lost or damaged IC Timecards.


ECC - Goodbye Timecards! Beware!

ECC is implementing changes to the manner in which working hours will be recorded. Several members have already raised their concerns to the union. Members are worried that they will no longer have access to a copy of their punch in and out times.


A new forum for ECC union members

The union and ECC have started labour-management discussions (Collective Agreement 2010.4.26) giving members the opportunity to express their concerns, opinions, and suggestions directly to management.


Block/ASM Meetings & Buffer Days- New Collective Agreement Signed

ECC has agreed to avoid the confusion experienced regarding block meetings.

The union and ECC have recently signed a collective agreement that will see ECC provide at least 10 days notice regarding start and finish times and working locations for Block/ASM meetings and buffer days. When ECC is unable to meet these deadlines they will inform the union without delay.


Water Coolers- New Agreement Signed

The union has won the installation of water coolers in schools with limited access to water.

ECC has agreed to provide water coolers in schools where the only access to water is in the toilets. Many schools have shared kitchen facilities with other tenants. If you are still without water at your school, please let the union know.

ECC Annual Leave with Pay (ALP) Lottery to be abolished

Teachers working for ECC in the Nagoya area (Chubu District) are set to benefit with the annual leave with pay (ALP) lottery being abolished.


Yes, males can take childcare leave!

The percentage of the male workforce in Japan taking childcare leave is less than 2 percent. Employees though, especially the breadwinner, are reluctant to take childcare leave for primarily two reasons:


ECC-Union Grievance System Summer Update

Members at ECC have the benefit of asking the union to submit grievances to ECC over any issues that may arise.


Improving workers lives at ECC:General Union's long history shows why unions are important

ECC is one of the oldest General Union branches. ECC members already benefit from an established union/employer grievance procedure and a preconsultation agreement.


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