Survey of Over 1,700 Boards of Education

Two weeks ago, the General Union (in cooperation with our national union headquarters and sister unions) sent out a report to every board of education (BOE) in the country in regards to Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs).

As of September 13th (2019), we have received over 600 responses -much higher than our usual average in more limited surveys.

The survey follows the types of employment contracts for ALTs, illegal/improper dispatching, and - most importantly - what BOEs plan to do in regards to direct hire ALTs in 2020 when changes to the Local Civil Servants Law come into effect.

Our main concerns are over changes from direct employment to dispatch - especially to illegal dispatch - because of the new law.

A very worrying sentence in the government manuals stresses one of the purposes of the changes as being that of privatisation of the public sector.

We are also concerned about attempts to worsen working conditions by using the new law as an excuse.

We've already dealt with instances of the above two examples, and hope to use the survey in our November 11th negotiations with both the ministries of labour and education.

If you've heard of changes looming at your Board of Education next year, please share the information with us.

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