Working at a board of education?

We will be holding an open meeting for all directly hired and dispatched teachers working at boards of education on Wednesday, 22 January from 1900 at the union office or via skype. Please RSVP if you plan to attend as seating is limited.

As you know, there are big changes taking place to the system for directly hired teachers starting in 2020 which may lead to jobs being outsourced or even cuts to wages. Dispatched teachers also face ever deteriorating working conditions which are often markedly worse than those working as directly hired teachers.

We don’t think that these two groups of workers should be fighting separately to improve their working conditions, but will have a better chance as dealing as one body especially in terms of how the General Union deals with ALT issues with the central government.

What our aim should be as a union is a public system where all receive the benefits of direct employment, and that these working conditions are maintained and improved. We know that at this point in time, especially as one of the goals of the new system for directly hired ALTs is to encourage outsourcing and privatization, that the only group concerned about working conditions, and even the system of English education in public schools, is the union.

Our meeting will look at the findings to our national survey of boards of education and the central government’s response to us. Our hope is that this is the first step in creating a common front in the fight for decent working conditions for ALL of those working at boards of education.

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