Claiming Unemployment Benefits - One Member's Experience

Recently, one of our members lost their job and - for the first time ever - found themselves able apply for unemployment benefits, thanks to having been previously enrolled in unemployment insurance (as the law requires). Because the information might be of benefit to other people in similar situations, our member wanted to share their experience in the hope that others may be able to use it as a guide in the future.

You can read about their experience below the fold:


Education And Training Allowances

One of the little-known benefits of the unemployment insurance scheme run by Hello Work is the Education/Training Allowance (Kyoiku Kunren Kyufukin・教育訓練給付金). This benefit is available for foreigners and Japanese alike.


Reduction in Unemployment Insurance Premiums

We totally missed this, last year. Did you?


If You Work While Receiving Unemployment Benefit

If you find stable employment, your unemployment benefit payments stop. However, if you do casual work for small sums of money, you can still receive reduced benefit.



Changes to eligibility for unemployment benefits - October, 2007

From October 1st, 2007 the eligibility criteria for unemployment insurance benefits will change.


Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment Insurance (officially known as Employment Insurance, koyou hoken・雇用保険; aka shitsugyou hoken・失業保険) is a benefit that provides an allowance to an unemployed worker for general living expenses while seeking stable employment. Enrollment requires that you work for 20 hours or more per week.


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