Union Dues - Existing Members

Dues Payments

If you are not a current member please click here and send an application form first.

If you are joining the Union with a specific problem, depending on the circumstances and the severity of your problem, you may be required to pay one year of dues upfront.

Union Dues: 500-3000 yen per month

Your dues rate is set according to your average monthly salary including bonuses. Please see the chart below.

Average Monthly Income
Gross, pre-tax, including 
wages and bonuses

Union dues/month

 250,000 yen and over 3000
 200,000 yen - 249,999 yen 2500
 150,000 yen - 199,999 yen 2000
 100,000 yen - 149,999 yen 1500
 50,000 yen - 99,999 yen 1000
 under 50,000 yen 500

Paying your union dues

Union dues can be paid through automatic debit or regular payments through PayPal, most banks, and the Post Office.  Select your preferred payment method below.

Payment Type Automatic Debit One time payment
PayPal (credit card) Take me there Take me there
Post Office Take me there Take me there
Bank Take me there Take me there

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