May Day Rally (2018)

Tuesday, May 1st (2018) is May Day throughout the world.Tuesday, May 1st (2018) is May Day throughout the world.

In Japan, our May Day slogan this year is: We Demand A Living Wage For An Eight Hour Day!

As you know, it is impossible to live in Japan on minimum wage, and the General Union (along with many of our sister unions) have signed petitions demanding that the government raise the minimum wage a ¥1,000 an hour NOW, and then to ¥1,500 an hour in the NEAR FUTURE.

Many workers are forced to work a lot more than eight hours a day, keeping them away from friends, family, and relaxation.

We want to see an end to such a culture of overwork.

We hope you come out to the May Day rally this year to support the union and our cause.

12:30 - Meet at the StarBucks at Tenmabashi Station.
13:00 - Nakanoshima Park for the open air meeting.
15:00 - Demo departs for Umeda
17:00 - Osaka Zenrokyo Party (2,000yen - food - all you can drink)

Let us know if you can attend by rsvping at:

Thank you in advance for your support and solidarity.

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