Partial Victory in the Kan’Nama court cases 

Monday, 13 December was the Osaka High Court decision in the Kan’Nama cases.

One of the defendants was acquitted (he has been dismissed because of the first trial decision), and the other defendant was fined 300,000 yen. This was a partial victory. We haven't heard the complete details of the verdict, but it's a step forward from the first court decision which ignored the constitution. The Kyoto District Court found one defendant guilty of "attempted extortion" for demanding a work certificate from a nursery school.


From now on, the fight back will be accelerated. Next year there will be a rush of court decisions in the Osaka strike case and the Wakayama case.

Now is the critical moment to ensure that the right to union activity is guaranteed by Article 28 of the Constitution and the Labour Union Law is protected.

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