Kan-Nama Otsu Case: Prosecutor Makes Final Argument•関生大津事件論告求刑公判

The prosecution made its final arguments in the first Otsu case against the Zennikken Kansai Regional Ready-Mix Concrete Branch (Kan-Nama) at the Otsu District Court in September 13. The outline of these final arguments stretched to 118 pages, which the prosecutors read out in an unclear voice over three hours, with two breaks.



The prosecutors sought harsh sentences for one after another of the union members and former members, beginning with union chair Yukawa, whose compliance activities (pointing out illegalities), carried out against outsider companies, they called “making up trivial pretexts for blackmail”. 


A group of 120 supporters had their 2:00 P.M. report meeting broken up, but still began their demonstration at 4:00 as planned, shouting in chorus in front of the Otsu District Prosecutor’s Office and the Otsu District Court.


At the end-point of the march, a hastily-convened report meeting was held. Mr. Nagashima, a lawyer on the union side, said that “the prosecutors seemed to be acting on behalf of the corporations”. Kan-Nama Branch Chair Yukawa stated that “Ever since the great Hanshin Earthquake, we have tried to take responsibility for the quality of ready-mix concrete. We will consider this one more of the hardships we face on the way to continuing with our movement.” The defense will make their final arguments on October 24 from 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Everyone rally round!


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