Gaba Corporation to run emergency drills

After the union repeatedly raising the issue of disaster preparation Gaba Corporation is holding drills at 14 Learning Studios across Japan in the next few months. The drills are paid at the rate of two non-peak lessons.

This number of drills is a big improvement from 2014, when the company did none, and from 2013, when it did seven.

However, this means that instructors at 28 learning studios will miss out. They can attend drills at another learning studio, but that is not the same as their home LS. Safety should be the highest priority and we would like to see Gaba running drills at every location that it operates.

That said, the union encourages instructors to participate in the drills offered. Please speak to your Instructor Support Leader to sign up. The drills currently scheduled are:


Yokohama November 12th

Umeda November 13th

Tokyo November 18th

Shibuya November 19th

Nagoya November 24th

Sakai November 24th

Kitasenju December 9th

Shinjuku West December 10th

Kyoto December 11th


Shinagawa February 8th

Ginza February 10th

Ikebukuro February 17th

Jiyugaoka February 22th

Shinjuku East February 24th

If your LS is not on this list please feel free to speak to your ISL about it. You can also contact the union at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

October 14, 2015

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