Emergency Drills At Gaba

Over recent years, the General Union has repeatedly raised the issue of holding emergency drills with Gaba.

In July, 2017, the union asked the company when it would conduct drills at all of the Learning Studios in the company.

However, as of the time of writing, the Akasaka, Akabane, Omotesando, Shinbashi-Shiodome, Seijo, Futakotamagawa and Kashiwa Learning Studios had not yet had drills, whereas some other Learning Studios have had several drills.

The company replied that it intended to hold drills at all studios.

Futakotamagawa and Shinbashi-Shiodome are locations with children attending lessons, so drills there are of particular importance.

On September 1st, Gaba announced that it will run drills at Kashiwa LS on October 11th, Akasaka on October 18th, Shinbashi on November 9th, Futakotamagawa on November 14th, Yokohama on November 16th, Seijo on December 6th, Namba on December 12th, Akabane on February 8th, and Omotesando on February 9th.

When this batch of drills is complete, this will mean that Gaba has conducted basic drills at all of its current learning studios.

The drills are not mandatory for instructors, but the union encourages instructors to participate.

The drills are paid at the rate of two base-rate lesson slots.

[September 9th, 2017]

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