Gaba And Coco Juku To Merge

Earlier this month, the Nikkei newspaper ran an article about an upcoming merger between Gaba and Coco Juku. These are both English conversation schools owned by Nichii Gakkan. Gaba was purchased by Nichii Gakkan in 2011, and Coco Juku was founded in 2012. Although both currently teach English to children and adults alike, Coco Juku has a focus on group lessons.

According to the Nikkei article, from next year, the companies will shift their focus: Gaba will focus on teaching lessons to adults, while Coco Juku will focus on lessons for children.

It remains to be seen what this will mean for instructors at either of the conversation schools.


Gaba instructors are employed as itaku contractors on a per-lesson basis, with no transportation allowance, health insurance, or other benefits.

Coco Juku instructors are generally employed as regular employees with the standard benefits.

Some Gaba Learning Studios have instructors who teach children in the "Gaba Kids" program. These instructors have done special training for this position, and these children's lessons can be a substantial amount of their income.

The union is in the process of following this up with the company and will share more information about this development as it becomes available.

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