Harassment by Gaba Clients - What You Can Do if It Happens

gaba harassmentFor some years, the General Union's Gaba branch has been following up the issue of clients harassing instructors.

After the union repeatedly raised the issue, company published guidelines about blocking clients, which can be found buried away under "Instructor Policy" >> "Professionalism" >> "Inappropriate Behavior Instructor policy" (see below).

Unless instructors take a very deep dive into the back pages of the Gaba site they are unlikely to find this.

Things have improved somewhat, but talking to new instructors coming into the system makes it clear that this issue is still not being adequately covered.



Harassment shouldn't occur at all - but if it does, instructors should know what the procedure is and how to go about having the client blocked.

For instructors who are just out of university and may be working for the first time the situation is particularly stressful.

Many new instructors still don’t know about this option, or have some vague idea that they should speak to their ISL or LS staff.

The union recently communicated this to Gaba, asking if the issue is being covered in initial training.

The company replied that new instructors are informed of the "Inappropriate Behavior" policy and that it has taken sufficient measures on this topic.

Given that new instructors still don't know about these policies, this doesn’t appear to be the case.

The General Union will continue to raise this issue until things improve.

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