Gaba Branch Update - October 2013

The Gaba branch is always busy working on various issues to improve the working lives of instructors. Some issues are large, such as overall pay rates and conditions. Others are smaller, and may only deal with a situation being faced by only one instructor. But all of them are important, and instructors who are experiencing any difficulties in their work at Gaba are encouraged to contact the union.

Some of the things currently on the agenda are: 

  1. Gaba replied to the union's grievance regarding instructors being told to do unpaid Mindflash training for the "Starter" books. The union will be making a demand for payment for this training.
  2. The grievance procedure for dealing with individual instructor problems has almost been finalised.
  3. After the union complained about an ISL's long-term harassment of and unprofessional behaviour towards a member, the ISL was transferred away to another LS. If you or anyone you know have been subjected to such behaviour, please feel free to contact the union at any time. Such behaviour should have a light shone on it and be stopped.
  4. On a brighter note, the September party in Ebisu was a great success, and the 2013 Christmas Party will be held on Sunday December 15th. The last party was a lot of fun, and the music in particular was great. We are working on the performances for the next one now, and we are confident that it will be even better.

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October 9, 2013

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